Made to Measure Suits, the Best of Both Worlds

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There a few things that every man should own and have in his closet, and one of those is a suit. A suit is timeless, and will never go out of style. There will never be a time wherein a man doesn’t need a suit, with multiple occasions requiring one. Maybe a formal sit down dinner, or an important job interview, or even his big day, his wedding, you cannot go wrong with a suit. Having a suit made can take a lot of time, and a lot of money, and buying one of the shelves can leave you with a suit that is either a tad too big or maybe a bit too short. Fortunately, men can have something in between, with made to measure suits.

There are many ways for a man to get a suit, with different options such as ready to wear, made to measure, and bespoke. There are advantages and disadvantages for these options, from fit, to price, to the time it takes before you get to wear them. Made to measure suits tries to act as a compromise, giving you the customization to some degree of a bespoke suit, incorporating your measurements and customization options, without the heavy price tag of a bespoke suit.

All garments have patterns which tailor use to cut the pieces needed for sewing and making your suit. Made to measure suits relies on a general pattern, but incorporates your measurement, and adapts this design for your suit. Also, you can choose the fabric and materials, such as buttons, lining material, and other customization options for your suit.

This is better than just buying something off the shelf, as it offers some customization. What made to wear suits companies such as made to measure suits Cincinnati do best is find the perfect compromise, for you to be able to get that perfect suit of yours.

What’s great about made to measure suits is that even if you don’t have the total customization experience of a bespoke suit, you will still generally get a better fit for your suit, as compared to a suit that you just buy off the shelf that is ready to wear. Having the ability to customize your suit will also ensure that you won’t be wearing the same suit as that other guy who just walked in the boardroom.

Choosing to go for a made to measure suit will cost a little extra than a suit off the rack, because it still has to be done personally for you, with your measurements and customization options. This, however, will produce a suit that will be better for you. You will not only look better in your suit, but you will feel better, having a suit that has a better fit.

Every man needs a suit, and with the multiple numbers of places where you can get one, but with made to measure suits, you can not only get a well fitting suit that feels good, you can get it at a good price point.

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Ways to Relocate Cheaply

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Many people move to another place for a variety of reasons, it can be job-related, security purposes or family related. Whatever the reason, the main point is how to relocate safely and smoothly to your new home. Here are some ways to relocate cheaply. 



Be sure to ask your new employer if they give relocation assistance to help you in the costs of the moving process if your reason for moving is because you will change your job or assigned to another place. Your company may give you some amount to help you. 

Secure Packing Materials 

Ask for any heavy-duty boxes every time you visit a grocery store, the liquor store is also suitable to ask for used boxes because their boxes are usually segregated which makes packing your glasses and other glass wares a lot easier.  

Bubble wraps and newspapers can also be collected from friend or neighbors to help lessen the cost of buying moving materials. A great way to protect your furniture is by using old blankets or bed sheets. 

Begin a Packing Timeline 

Begin a few weeks earlier writing your moving timeline, it will not just give you less stress trying to get organized, it also decreases the chance of potential accidents mishaps. You will also have a convenient moving experience. 

“Hold All” Box 

It is advantageous that you make a box that keeps your things such as pens, markers, tape, paper, scissors, important documents, toiletries, medicines and other important stuff. This technique will prevent you from buying new stuff every time you lose or pack it away. Keep in touch of this box so that you can have access to these important things upon reaching your destination. 

“Open First” Box 

This box is where you will put your 2nd priority items, list first what items will you put it this box. The things could be coffee makers, coffee cups, towels, toilet papers, and toys so that you can keep the kids busy during the travel. 

Label All Boxes 

Skipping this step or doing it in a sloppy manner is common; some people will just buy new stuff rather than searching for it in the boxes.  Quit the unnecessary spending by listing all the things inside the box and noting the room where it belongs. It is not advisable to label the box miscellaneous; you must be specific as possible. 

Clean As You Transfer 

Clean your area as soon as you’re done packing the things, this will keep thing smoothly and prevents you from hiring cleaning services which will cost an amount. 

Sell the Junk 

It is advantageous to set up a garage sale wherein you sell the things that you will not need. Moving is a great opportunity to clear out stuff and make a profit out of it, the money that you will obtain can be used to pay for the moving services. 

Be Truck Smart 

If you are planning to hire a moving company you must be sure that they are credible, there are many reputable moving companies such as Bronx movers that provide professional services and puts customer satisfaction at the top. 

Monitor Things 

It is crucial that you are aware of the situation of your belongings the moment it travels from your old home to your new place. Make sure that they will arrive on time and in good condition 

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Cost to Pave a Driveway

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The price of the job is affected by the materials you choose to pave your driveway. The resale value of your house and its curb appeal is also affected by the materials you use.

Pave Driveway
Hiring a builder is easy nowadays. Most companies have their own website such as which lets you contact them without a sweat!

So, below are the popular driveway options together with their average costs. Check it out if you want to make sure you are making the best choice.

  • Clay Brick and Concrete Pavers

Both concrete and clay pavers have unbelievable strength. Clay paver comes with a strength rating of 12,000 pounds per square inch and 9,000 pounds per square inch for concrete.

However, there are some differences. Clay paver has a more vibrant and deeper color than concrete pavers. It often costs twice as much as concrete. Also, they only come in 1 shape.

Clay brick driveways usually cost around $28,000, while concrete paver driveways typically cost around $14,500.

Both need little or no maintenance, but a concrete paver needs sealing every 5 to 7 years. They should last for 10 years if the base is properly installed.

Clay brick and concrete pavers should outlast all concrete and asphalt. It provides you better resale value for your home than concrete and asphalt.

  • Concrete

A concrete driveway could last for around 30 years and continue to harden and cure if it is maintained properly. A concrete that is 8 years old is stronger than a 2-year old concrete. To support heavier trucks, concrete driveways should be at least 5-inch thick and 4-inch thick to support regular cars.

The cost of concrete driveways runs around $3,500. However, this type of driveway needs less maintenance than asphalt. Professionals advise homeowners to look out for soil erosion, opt for a sealer to protect it, and prevent using de-icing chemicals. Water can also be prevented from seeping underneath if you seal cracks in the control joints.

You will have to recoat it every year or every 2 years if you have an asphalt driveway. On the other hand, concrete looks a lot nicer and needs less maintenance.

  • Asphalt

Professionals consider asphalt as one of the inexpensive options. The cost to pave an asphalt driveway runs around $2,300 up to $10,300.

Asphalt is really less expensive than concrete. And it is also much smoother because it doesn’t have gaps or joints. Asphalt is more durable than a concrete with an equal depth and much tougher than concrete that is not fortified with wire mesh or rebar.

An asphalt driveway would last around 20 years if a homeowner reseals it once every 3 years.

When used over gravel for new driveways, asphalt must be around 3-inch thick. When repaving, it should be at least 2-inch thick. Contractors sometimes disagree with this. However, you should really follow it. Remember, the contractor does not make extra income for laying the asphalt thicker. You only pay for the extra raw material to make a thicker paving work the best value.

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